Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Americane Vintage Track and Road Bike Festival

A great event put on by Mark Agree with the help of Tim Potter. Some really fine bikes on display. What a nice venue, the International Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We arrived the night before and got to watch the Friday night races. We loved watching the racing.

Barb got a chance to ride on the track after the Track 101 class and she was hooked. Our thanks to Dale Hughes who clearly spends a lot of quality time helping kids and adults to experience track racing. He designed the Bloomer track.

Met more CR folks, including Tom Sanders who I confused for someone else at the Cirque. Also met Greg Parker and Matt Assenmacher, who painted my Masi (which was chosen as Best Restored Road bike). Nice job Matt and my thanks to Jon Williams of Drillium Revival for the great Millium parts! Some really nice Paramount track bikes, including a wonderful bent seat tube model. Tim Potter brought a beautiful Assenmacher tandem. There was a gorgeous Black and Gold Weigle with a 50th anniv group and an Iverson with original paint and wood rims. I got to see a Cinelli Laser in person, a Masi special track and many others.

It was so hot this Alaskan was baked so I did not do a good job of getting names with pictures but here's a sampling of pics:

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