Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Cirque du Cyclisme Vintage Bike Show

The Sunday show under the big top:

 Out in the trenches fighting for bargains:

The "Keeper of the Flame" builders:
The KOF (keepers of the flame) builders

left to right
first row:
Brian Chapman, Jeff Buchanan, Jamie Swan,  Johnny Coast, Simon Firth of Hanford Cycles, Peter Weigle

Second row:
Dale Brown, Isis Schiffer of Bilenky, Tom ? of Bilenky, Stephen Bilenky?, Hubert d'Autremont, Chris Bishop

Last Row:
Herbie Helm, Paul LeMaire (Newport, R. I.), Dave Wages (Ellis), Mark DiNucci, Mike Salvatore of Sketchy and Seven Cycles


caroline paquita said...

The guy next to Johnny Coast is Simon Firth!

BMC said...

That's Mike Salvatore of Sketchy...and Seven.

poppi said...

Last row, second from left is Paul LeMaire (Newport, R. I.)

Mike_Kelly said...

Thanks very much. I think we are complete now.