Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Great Bike Shops

When I think of the great bike shops I've visited, I don't think of modern concept shops filled with glass and chrome. Vast spaces with perfect lighting and a small heard of 20-somethings who are neat and polite. By definition, they have not been sizing people on bikes for 20 years. They just don't have the experience yet. No, I'll take the small crowded bike shop with pros who've made a career in the bike business. The guys and gals who know Campagnolo as well as Shimano and Sram.

When I think of some of the great bike shops, I think of cities like Milano, New York, Paris and Fountain City. Fountain City? Yes, Fountain City, Wisconsin. There, in a town of 1000 people along the Mississippi River, you will find Brone's Bike Shop and World Cup Coffee.

When you step through the door you will be surprised to see a large offering of multiple high-end brands. Pinarello, Scott, BMC, Basso to name a few. And not just one frame on the wall but a good selection so you just might find a good fit.

Like a few other shops I can think of, Gary and Mark created Brone's. What I mean by that is they developed not only the shop but the clientele around it. But they are not elitist either. They are just as happy to sell a kid's bike to the next generation racer.

There is no way such a shop should exist in such a small out-of-the-way town. But over the years they have made such a commitment and made enough customers happy to keep them coming back. A shop like this gets known by word of mouth. This is a shop people drive to and where they hang out in the coffee shop and talk about the latest gear and join the Thursday night rides.

 Shelli, Mark's wife, runs World Cup Coffee. She makes a great cup of coffee, too!

So, when you come to Buffalo County, Wisconsin to ride the incredible small, quiet country roads... I did tell you about that didn't I? Could have sworn I did... Next blog entry. Best riding this side of Europe? Epic climbs, ridge riding and great views.

Well, be sure to drop by and check out what Gary and Mark have built. Maybe the next time you have that build list for your dream bike you might give them a call and see what they can do for you.

Brone's Bike Shop 
615 S Main St, Fountain City, WI · (608) 687-8601

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