Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake Pepin Three Speed Ride

On a hot day in May we participated in the 2012 Lake Pepin 3-speed Tour. Lake Pepin is a natural lake, about 60 miles south of Minneapolis, formed in the Mississippi River by the Chippewa River delta blocking the flow of the Mississippi.  The ride starts in Red Wing Minnesota.

The ride was started 10 years ago by Noel Robinson and Jon Sharratt. It harkens back to riding in the English countryside of the 1930's. Participants must ride a 3 speed of English heritage and are encouraged to dress in the style of the times.

There were around 100 "nutters" this year bringing a wonderful array of vintage bikes. The attitude is laid back and cheery.

 Participants received a nice booklet/guide with graphics beckoning to the 1930's in England.

 Stopping and dawdling is encouraged as well as sampling the marvellous cuisine of the many small bakeries and restaurants. Like the Banoffee pie, a classic British creamy pudding of banana and toffee, made in honour of the ride by the artisans at the Smiling Pelican Bake Shop.

It is advised to explore some of the route deviations along the way. The route along the busy highways leaves something to be desired by this participant, but the friendly and interesting people were a big plus.

It is a two day ride with a stop over in Wabasha, MN. The folks at Eagles Nest Coffee House did a wonderful job of catering dinner and breakfast at the stop over.
At Lake City, the half way point on the way back to Red Wing, we had a break for the "Brew-up" a stop for tea in the British tradition. What a fun event with riders playfully competing for best Brew-up.

The 2012 Lake Pepin 3-speed ride - a good time was had by all.
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