Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cirque Du Cyclisme 2013

Still time to register at the door so get going and see you here.
It's Thursday May 16th, 2013 in Leesburg, VA. Folks are arriving and unpacking bikes and display items.
The theme this year is "Flights of Fancy - Customization and Personalization".
Jon Williams,  one of this years speakers, unpacks after his flight from the west coast.

I was able to corner Mike Schmidt, of Millington, NJ, bringing in his Rob Robertson.

Rob was a builder for Masi California but this bike was done under his own name.
Mike says it is characteristic of Rob's frames to have no downtube decals. He received this bike with a hideous yellow paint job and had it resprayed by Joe Bell and had Rob do a little restoration work.
Mike says this cool tubular holder is made by Nitto.

This seat bag was a Brooks prototype for the current offering.
Thanks Mike!
I'll leave you with this quiz for tonight. What bike does this seatstay treatment belong to?


Anonymous said...

The seat stay cap with the three "embossed" (actually a layered assembly of a brazed in backer) is from a Carlsbad Masi, built by Mario Confente.

biciak said...