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2013 Cirque Du Cyclisme Interviews

MJ Weier : 

MJ makes everything happen at Cirque from reservations to meals. But she also is a vintage bike enthusiast and would like to be out there with us on the rides and telling stories. So she sacrifices much more that just the time she spends working for us. A big round of applause please for MJ. She owns a  Dave Wages, a Trek custom and a  Chris Bishop, she brought to share. Here is Barbara Kelly's interview with her.

Dale Brown : Classic Rendezvous

Dale Brown started the Classic Rendezvous Google Group, affectionately known as "Dale's Garage", 
(come join us at!forum/classic-rendezvous-lightweight-vintage-bicycles)
and owns Cycles De Oro in Greensboro, NC. He is a great framebuilder in his own right. Here he talks about the Galmozzi and Paisley he brought to show us.

Curt Goodrich :

Tom Adams writes:

The Curt Goodrich is mine.  It's from around 2004 or 5, and it was the first custom bike I bought since  my Marinnoni in 1981.  The lugs are primarily Richard Sachs Newvex with a custom double plate crown and a regular BB shell.  Sachs didn't catalog the  Newvex BB shell till later.  Curt bobbed the top head lug to get rid of most of the extension.  How Curt was able to trim what had to be a cut into a curved bit of the lug and not have it show demonstrates real mastery.  Probably my favorite part of the frame is the chainstay top eyes, a fluted semi wrap.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

Spacing is 130mm for modern components, and wheel size was originally 700c.  Frame size is 63cm with a 58cm tt.  I originally built the bike with Campy factory 700c wheels with modern Chorus brakes.  Weight was 20.3 pounds, pretty good for a large frame with a steel fork.  But 650b wheels were just getting started back in 04, and I did mention to Curt that I might try it some day.  Curt did a great job on the wheel dimensions to accommodate both wheel sizes.  When I had nerve issues last year with my left hand/shoulder I converted the bike to Velo Orange 650b wheels, Paul Racer CP brakes and Grand Bois Lierre tires to get a softer ride.  I do really like the ride with the 650b, comfortable but still fast.  The paint is by Peter Weigle, one of the last frames Peter painted for Curt, as Curt started doing his own paint shortly after this frame was built.  

Stephen Bilenky :

The Bilenky gang brought an amazing tandem, designed for a very tall and a very small set of riders. They also brouight examples of their fine road bikes and custom paint jobs.


 Rich Adams :

Leading off with his snazzy Lehigh University frame Rich shows off his stable.

Proud owner Bob Kelley shows off his Rich Adams.

 Rick Jones :
Rick Jones brought a number of nice examples of his work.



Brian Chapman :

Brian brings a touring bike with matching trailer running a S.O.N. hub charging the electronic shifting.

 Wayne Bingham:

Our Cirque du Chief talks about the first bike he collected, his Stan Pike done up for the show with beautiful Jon Williams

Jim Merz:

 Jim tells the story of how one of his original bikes found its way home.Jim Merz facebook page

Ken Sanford:

Ken brought a Bill Hurlow built Condor and a Claude Butler.

Harvey Sachs:

Harvey talks about his 1938 Paramount and his Les Ephgrave.

Mark DiNucci :

Oregon framebuilder Mark DiNucci talks about a customer's new frame.

Chip Duckett :

Chip won "Best of Show" for his Ciocc and his Raleigh 650B Conversion by Peter Weigle won its class, 1968-1973 modified.


Jamie Swan :

Jamie Swan talks about his Sportif style bike he brought to show at the Cirque. I have to apologize to Jamie for the lousy photos, the light was just too bad and the images do not do justice to his fine work.

Frank Rotondo :Stan Ridge Speed Bicycles
Frank brought his new Stan Ridge 650B made by Adam Eldridge.

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