Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 “The Bicycle: Art meets Form” during the USAC National Pro Criterium Championships

July 25 - 28 2013, High Point, North Carolina

A four day celebration of  the bicycle, friends and all things cycling. Centered
around the 2013 USA Cycling Professional Criterium National Championships.

“The Bicycle: Art meets Form” is an inaugural celebration of the art of cycling that, in its various facets, presents a unique event for those passionate about the craft and history of fine lightweight bicycles… both vintage and modern. On this weekend, the most respected craftsmen and aficionados will join to display, discuss, analyze, ride and enjoy this special "tool" known as the bicycle.

As you will see from the schedule of events over 4 days, “The Bicycle” encompasses visual art, a galleried exhibition of 5 “leading lights”in modern handmade bicycles and a separate handbuilt bicycle show, conferences and discussions, movies, music, vintage rides and The USAC Men’s and Women’s National Professional Criterium Championships. We will celebrate the ability of this tool, “the bicycle”, to acquire an acclaimed level of art and form yet while maintaining its refined function as a mode of transport and as a “race pony”. 

Through great hard work and efforts of many, High Point NC was awarded the 2013-2014 USA Cycling Professional Criterium National Championships. The surrounding course and facilities offer great space and proximity to host this and other events. Within 200 yards of the start finish under a block long canopy, there is an art gallery, a theatre, show space, and a first class hotel. So rather than just have another 3 hours of racing, we wanted to create an overall 4 day cycling event that promotes all things cycling and blends the best of vintage bikes and the best in racing and new cycling technologies. This is all about: BIKES, PEOPLE & PASSION

 Our special guests are acknowledged stand out craftspersons of modern bicycle frame building. Theatre Arts Gallery(TAG) will mount a 60 day exhibition of the work of Nick Crumpton, Mark DiNucci, Dario Pegoretti, Dave Wages and Peter Weigle. Each will have a complete bicycle and a custom frame as part of this display. In combination with the with the TAG juried visual bike art presentation, this exhibit should provide a tremendous artistic bike aesthetic. The builders arrive from their distant workshops for this 4 day event and festivities and will lend their knowledge through The Bicycle: Art meets Form conferences and discussions Friday and Saturday.

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