Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Cirque du Cyclisme Show Winners

MJ announces the 2013 Cirque du Cyclisme show winners.

Sorry I missed the first category on the video, just didn't get the camera turned on fast enough.

Best of Show 
Chip Duckett's 1983 Ciocc
with 50th anniversary group, Campagnolo Saddle and a Keith Anderson paint job.

Best KOF (Keeper of the Flame) modern builder craftsman

Best Road Bike 
2010 Stephen Bilenky owned by Jack Lautsbaugh

Best Touring/Randonneur 
2011 Brian Chapman touring bike with trailer owned by Brian Chapman

Best Single Speed
2012 Chris Bishop owned by Chris Bishop

Best City-Utility bike
2013 City bike by Brian Chapman owned by Brian Chapman

Best Vintage traditional
1959 and earlier Michael Shiffer's 1950's Olympia Track Bike
1960-1967 Dale Brown's 1960 Galmozzi

1968-1973 Scott Ramsay's 1971 Masi

1974-1980 Glenn Elson's 1978 Confente

1981-1986 Mike Kelly's 1981 Guerciotti

1987-1989 Dale Brown's 1990 Paisley

Best Vintage Modified
1959 and earlier Tom Adam's 1953 Hetchins

1960-1967 Dan Artley's 1964 Frejus

1968-1973 Chip Duckett's Raleigh Competition 650B conversion done by Peter Wiegle

1974-1980 Mike Kelly's 1974 Masi

1981-1986 Mike Kelly's Bruce Gordon 650B conversion 

1987-1997 Wayne Bingham's 1989 Eddie Merckx
photo courtesy Dale Brown

Bob Young's mint 1971 Paramount. I interviewed Bob but the noise is so bad it is not understandable.
Michael Fern takes his voting seriously!


Gunnar Berg said...

You are my big winner. Congrats.

Greg Parker said...

Yes, Mike, great wins. It was also nice to see a vintage Ciocc get some love!

Alphonse said...

This is cool!

biciak said...

Thanks for reading the Blog Alphonse :)