Sunday, December 23, 2012

Erik Noren of Peacock Groove bikes

Erik Noren lives outside the box. When most of us are willing to take abuse in the workplace and bite our lip to maintain our comfortable lifestyle, Erik is not. He's willing to live a harder life to not put up with restrictions. He lives the life he chooses and makes the bikes he chooses. He is an artist at heart and often makes statements about social justice and his views on politics in his work. Like many artists, he is irritated that some folks don't bother to look at his work and try to understand what he is trying to say, but instead snap judge it.
He spent years at Walter Croll cranking out frames and worked for a major bicycle distributor for 10 years. He also does production work for other companies to this day, and smiles when people criticize work with his name on it but love work he does. with someone else's name on it, that they don't know comes from him.

                       He shares space in Minneapolis with a number of other frame builders and you can easily see the benefits to all when someone yells over "Hey Erik, can I use the sandblaster?"

Erik's designs are artistic with cutouts and paint jobs that reflect his out-of -the-box lifestyle. If you are interested in something special, Erik  will definitely listen to your request when other more traditional frame builders might show you the door. / 651-269-5295 / Facebook


Gunnar Berg said...

Yo Noren, Yer famous. Merry Christmas. See you in three months.

virag said...

fruit stripe! that's just my style, and i'm sure the goodness lasts much longer than actual fruit stripe gum.

Anonymous said...

Bikes are so 2010.
Ram charger 4 life.
Sexy bitchez.