Friday, August 22, 2014

Pugsley to 9Zero7 upgrade part 2: Vee Rubber Snowshoe XL 4.8 arrives!

 The build is almost complete.
The Vee Rubber Snowshoe XL 4.8 arrived yesterday and it is a very different beast than it's predecessor the Snowshoe 4.7.

Unlike the Snowshoe 4.7, which was more like a real 4.0, the Snowshoe XL 4.8 is every bit a wide high volume tire. The tread is much more aggressive.

Snowshoe XL 4.8 on left and Snowshoe 4.7 on right

Time to hit the trail!

P.S. I think I am going to revert to the 4.7 even tho I really like the new XL. The fit on my 135mm 907 is close enough that if you inflate the tires one day at a higher level the knobs can start to tick the frame. So they can work but too touchy for reliable everyday use. The XL really is a different tire that the original.

The final chapter in the 9zero7 upgrade, the Bulldozer:
Pugsley to 9zero7 upgrade finished with a Bulldozer