Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Heartland Velo Show

The initial Heartland Velo Show was a great success.
Just a sample of pix.

Richard Schwinn giving a talk on the history of the Paramount.

The EYE'S have it!

a new Bilenky creation.

Herbie Helm

Erica Meier's beautiful
Waterford she made.

Cooper, not Ron think Mini!

Chris Kvale

Speedhound Rando

Il Vecchio
Daniel Dalhquist, Peter Jourdain, Peter Naiman and David Beck

Mark and Jane Stonich
brought a Raleigh RRA, Jack Taylor and a Stonich custom.

Peter Jourdain's Bertrand Trike and

Harrison and

Automoto Tandem including the cool idler driving bell!

Peter Naiman's Brillant and Baines

Steve Derby's Bianchi specialissimo restoration

Steve taking a pic of Mike Kelly's Guerciotti

Mike's 1973 Colnago with Jon "Otis" Williams millium and Barb Kelly's
Bob Jackson track bike.

Richard Schwinn and Mark Muller discuss
Daniels mystery Paramount.

Mark Muller noted that he had an identical White Paramount
when he was younger. A beautiful restoration along with a mint
Cromovelato Colango with 50th anniversary groupo.

David Becks great nickel plated Frejus with Italian newspaper wrapped

The wonderfully over-the-top Golden Arrow Motobecane created by
Stephen Bilenky for Nick Ozerov.

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