Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Cirque Du Cyclisme Presentations

2013 Cirque du Cyclisme Featured Speakers

Wayne Bingham did a great job lining up featured speakers and demonstrations for the Cirque.I wanted to give you the complete videos of the presentations but they are too big so I have just given you some highlights. Our thanks to all of them for informative and entertaining stories.

Jim Merz : Life in the cycling fast lane.

Jon Williams : Modern Millium and Drillium to customize and personalize


Gallery of Work

Johnny Coast : Stories from the shop and the significance of chickens in framebuilding

The Frambuilders Dinner or why you don't mess with Jamie Swan when he is working.

Larry Black : Mounting a Sew-up tire

Earle Young : Wheelbuilding pointers

Harvey Sachs : Everything you wanted to know about freewheels.

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