Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Cirque Names to Faces

For all those who have never been to a Cirque before, like me, here are some names and faces that might make CR messages more interesting!

Dale Brown the listmeister with one of his wonderful creations:

A poor picture, but... "Master of Ceremonies" and CCO (Chief Cirque Organizer) Wayne Bingham with his DiNucci/Merz ( Thanks for a great event!

Dan Artley with his Chris Bishop:

Ed Estoy with his Bruce Gordon:

Peter Weigle and Chip Duckett with Chip's bike:

"Hetchins Pete" with, what else, a Hetchins!

Rich Pinder with his Romic:

Rich McCarthy with his Paramount:

Isis Schiffer with some of her work at Bilenky:

Herbie Helm with one of his creations:


Rnager1942 said...

Awesome bikes but it was the technical advice so openly shared that blew me away.
Isis, I owe you a glass of whatever for the 'fix' on the Paramount.
My first Cirque.
Definitely won't be my last.
Next year I bring the Kellog build!
Rich Mc

Red said...

Helm custom racks make that bike. Trekking cross country in style of that green machine.