Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Cirque Winners are...

The winners are:

Dave Wages "Ellis" ( rose and polished stainless owned by MJ Weier

was tied for Best of Show with Dan Artley's Silver/Dark Silver Rando

made by Chris  Bishop (
 Both very worthy winners, congratulations!

I must add tho that I was so impressed with all the high quality work from the KOF builders. I would be very proud to own any of your frames!


CRAFTSMAN City/Utility category:
Johnny Coast (

Brian Chapman (

CRAFTSMAN Track/Single Speed category:
Chris Bishop ( owned by MJ Weier

CRAFTSMAN Rando/Touring category:
Peter Weigle (

CRAFTSMAN Road/Sport category:
Dave Wages "Ellis" ( Rose and Stainless owned by MJ Weier

1987-1997 US Category:
Chip Duckett's 1987 Dale Brown (

1987-1997 Foreign Category:
Tom Sanders 1990 Masi Custom

1981-1986 US Category:
Harvey Sachs' 1982 JP Weigle

1981-1986 Foreign Category:
Peter Gilbert's 1983 Moretti

1974-1980 US Category:
 Wayne Bingham's Merz DiNuci

1974-1980 Foreign Category
Fred Heiselman's Alex Singer

1968-1973 US Category:
Brian Ignatin's 1973 Eisentraut Pista

1968-1973 Foreign Category:
Dale Brown's Legnano

1960-1967 US Category:
Harvey Sach's Schwinn

1960-1967 Foreign Category:
Steven Massland's 1968 DeRosa

1950-1959 US Category:
Harvey Sach's  Andy Hamel

1950-1959 Foreign Category:
Dallas Blair's Norman Rapide

Pre-1949 US Category:
Harvey Sachs' 1938 Schwinn Paramount

Pre-1949 Foreign Category:
Peter Naiman's 1938 Hetchins

But of course, one of my favorites is the 1974 Masi in Faema colors (painted by Matt Assenmacher with Jon Williams ( milled components:

But I also like my other bike...I mean the 1973 Colnago (painted by Joe Bell with Jon Williams millium ( and

Milled brake levers  by Tom Davis of Perfect Perforations (


HiFi Collector said...

Wonderful pics and write up. I was at the show as well and have to post on my blog soon. Thanks for beating me to it and for doing such a fine job. Really enjoyed the show and your pics captured it well.


Mike_Kelly said...

Thanks Tom I look forward to seeing yours. I am sure I missed a lot because I did not know anyone and had to guess a lot.

dale said...

Mike, just revisiting these Blog entries of yours and enjoying them so much! Great to meet you and the Mrs.- you folks are "in the family" now and a perfect fit! Dale

Mike_Kelly said...

Thanks Dale. It is really nice to be welcomed into your garage. Such nice people hang out there! Barb had so much fun she is now reading the mail daily!

All the best