Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Cirque Du Cyclisme Vintage Bicycle Event

More names and faces:

Mark DiNucci made a great presentation on his evolution in becoming a frame builder and the influences that led him to where he is today.

Eddie Albert did a presentation on the history of New York builders. Much of the information will be in his new book. Look for it to be released next spring.
A Pierce and Dick Power from Eddie Albert's collection.

Larry Peaslee with his Bob Jackson Audax.

 Johnny Coast with his classic randonee.
Custom stem and decaleur by Johnny Coast.

Bill Hale with his 1920's Bastide.

Chris Bishop
The seat cluster on one of Bishop's bikes.
And the stem on the same bike.

A polished stainless and rose "Ellis" by
Dave Wages from Wisconsin.
This bike, owned by MJ,  tied for best of show!
Details of the Ellis

A robin's egg blue Weigle owned by David Nagle.

Owen Wrigley and his bike made by distant relative Hilton Wrigley.

Builder Jeff Buchanan and his elegant randonee in gold and white.

Builder Brian Chapman and his lucky customer Brian Bilich with his new mocha rando with custom matching racks.
Contact Brian at

Builder Hubert d"Autremont with one of his frames:
Details of Hubert's frame

Contributing photographer, Barbara Kelly, at Cirque Live, and her
Bob Jackson Special Tourist.

Your "reporter" and his Bob Jackson Legend.

Ron Gurth with his Rambouillet.

My sincere apologies to all that I missed. It was difficult to identify folks. I did my best to snoop on conversations to figure out who was who and who belonged to what bikes but I know I missed a lot of people I would like to have met.

A shout to Mike and Joy Flournoy, thanks for the ride Mike. Thanks  to Marty Walsh for the restaurant suggestions! 

I have already found a couple omissions. I forgot to get a shot of Harvey Sachs with his cool 1938 Paramount. I also did not figure out who Karen Rawls was until she started to pull the tags off her bikes at the end of the day!
Nice Assenmacher, Karen.

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