Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pinarello Dogma MOST 55mm bottom bracket adapter converts to 68mm threaded english BB.

The last time a metal bike won the Tour de France was 2006 when Oscar Peiero was awarded the winners jersey after Floyd Landis was stripped of his win. Peiero rode a Pinarello Dogma made from Deda AK61 magnesium. This frame came with a unique Pinarello proprietary 55mm press fit bottom bracket. Looking back it is an offering that failed the marketplace. This makes these frames a bit of a difficult item to support and maintain. I see a lot of forum posts asking about alternatives.

In doing research I found the US distributor Gita has an adapter that converts the Pinarello MOST 55m bottom bracket to a standard threaded 68mm english BB. I am very thankful that Pinarello did not abandon this generation of frames and provided a route to keep these frames maintainable.

You remove the original axle and bearings and install the very simple adapter.

Another possible solution is the

Carver Bikes Eccentric Bottom Bracket.

Carver's unique nylon sleeve eliminates the creak associated with EBBs. Machined aluminum body with nylon sleeve.

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